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How to use App passwords with Sigsync Email Signature Service?

After enabling Multi-factor authentication for your Office 365 account, create / get the App password from Office 365 and use this App password for Sigsync connectors configuration.

Follow the below steps to create new App password in Office 365

Login to your Office 365 account and go to My Account

mfa myaccount

From the Security and Privacy tab, click the 'Additional security verification' tab and from that click the option 'Create and manage app passwords'.

mfa manage app passwords

Navigate to the 'app password' tab, and click the 'Create' button.

mfa create

Create a new app name and click the next button

mfa create name

Get the app password and copy it.

mfa app password

Note: Wait for couple of minutes for Office 365 propagation and then use the app password.

Sigsync Exchange Online Connector Configuration

Use App password and configure the connectors. Once the configuration is done, you can change the App password. if you have not enabled MFA then you can configure the connectors using your Office 365 account credentials.

Sigsync connector using MFA password

Contact Sigsync Support for any queries or assistance. Our 24/7 Live Chat support is ready to answer your queries instantly.


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