Sigsync Outlook Add-in to add client side signatures

Sigsync Signature Outlook add-in is a simple and efficient tool for implementing client side centralized signatures for your organization. Add-in can be directly deployed in Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web (OWA) or globally from the Microsoft 365 admin center. It enables you to manage centralized signatures for your Office 365 at client side (directly on Outlook). That is, you can create rules, templates etc., on Sigsync services and insert signatures directly while composing emails in Outlook. The client side signature mode of Sigsync does not require emails routed through Sigsync services to get signatures.

Sigsync Signature Outlook add-in inserts company-wide signatures as users compose an email directly in Outlook. You can easily deploy the Sigsync Signatures Outlook add-in to every Office 365 user and it works in Outlook and OWA on any device.

Following are the steps to set-up client side signatures.

Step 1: Login to Sigsync dashboard

Step 2: Add your Office 365 tenant to manage its signature

Step 3: Create your signature template using Sigsync Signature Generator

Step 4: Assign signature template to Signature Rule. That's it!

Now, follow one of the below methods to install the Sigsync Outlook add-in to add the signature while composing email:

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