Central dashboard management

All email signatures created centrally, no Users don’t get an access to edit their email signatures. Centralized email Signature hold a substantial amount of advantages against other types of signature. Data integrity is maximized and no need to create email signature in each device, as the single storing place of all the data also implies that a given set of data only has one primary record.

Support on all devices

Email Signature are configured centrally, it applies to all devices. No need to setup signature on each device.

Centralized Management

Why is this important?

Companies don’t make mandatory to have email signatures. Though guidelines are provided, users won’t create consistent email signatures. Allow individual users to create email signatures and rules. This results with inconsistent

Also, IT administrators set up the email signature on all the workstations. There is much chance of tampering the email signature. This will result in losing the control of email signature design. This leads to inconsistency and control of email signature.

Sigsync is centralized tamper proof web-based administration to manage email signatures.

This helps in configuring your email signature effortlessly. Email signatures will be configured using Sigsync powerful utility. No need to have expertise in HTML code. No changes are required to be done on the on your devices. Beauty of this is, if you update a user’s signature information in the admin dashboard, changes will be automatically reflected in their email signature as soon as the change is modified.

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Sigsync email signature service offers company-wide and centralized email signature
for Office 365 and Exchange. We can assist you in getting your signature ready effortlessly.