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FAQs - General / Technical

Why do I need Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365?
What does Sigsync email signature do?
Do I need to install application on my Desktop and Mobile to setup Sigsync email signature service?
How does Sigsync add email signature?
Is Sigsync a platform independent?
How to create a signature template?
Why to use Sigsync for your Office 365 email signature over the standard client email signature feature?
How can I add a signature to only external or internal emails?
Can I use Sigsync for company wide email signatures?
Can I add different signatures for external and internal emails?
How do I start using Sigsync for my test / review?
Can one user have different signatures based on keyword in email?
Can I have multiple signatures in email?
How to add an SPF record?
Can I automatically replace the default signatures from my mobile with that of Sigsync signatures?
What support does Sigsync offer?
Does Sigsync add signatures to plain text ,RTF and HTML emails?
Can different locations / branches / departments / teams have different email signatures?
Can Sigsync attach a signature under the latest reply?
Border Radius style (round images) is not working with Outlook. How do I fix this?
How does the signature centralisation work?
Is it possible to have signature managed by different person than the person who created the account?
How does Sigsync handle encrypted emails?
How can I set company-wide global signature templates?
How can I have signature added to encrypted emails?
What happens if we migrate to another email platform?
Why are the emails in the ‘Sent Items’ folder not having signatures?
How to enable signatures for the emails in the ‘Sent Items’ folder?
Can I know about confidentiality of information and its copies?
How can I view the email signature before sending an email?
How to reconfigure if I have accidentally deleted email signature connectors or rules?
How to avoid emails being marked as spam?
How do I cancel the Sigsync subscription?
How to add SPF record?
What if the free trial expires?
Can I pause the signature being attached for a short period?
How do I pause and resume services?
If a user does not have a value for address field and template has address field, how is this handled in Sigsync?
How do I exclude a few users from attaching signatures?
How can I set company-wide global signature templates?
How to remove Exchange Online Connectors and Rules configuration?
How to reconfigure Exchange Online Connectors and Rules for Office 365 email signature?
Can I add animated images in my signature?
How to exclude email signatures in Microsoft Planner comments?
Can individual user change their own signature?
How to view a message header in Outlook web?
How to check which signature is attached to recipients?
How to Exclude 'Automatic replies' from Sigsync rules?
Can different locations / branches / departments / teams have different email signatures?
How to configure Office 365 to work with Sigsync and third party email security services?
How do I turn off signatures from my emails?
Is it possible to attach signatures to a calendar invite?
Can I disable a rule without deleting it?
How to reload / refresh Sigsync Signature Outlook add-in?
Can I delete a rule without deleting template connected to that rule?
How to configure Office 365 to work with Sigsync and Proofpoint email security services?
Is there any limitations on signature adding when sending from different devices or apps?
Are there any requirements to use sigsync email signature?
Do I have to install any programs to add signature?
Is there any status information on your service?
I have created distribution group, but I am not seeing that group in connectors list, why?
Is there any drawbacks from using Sigsync add-in and sent email signature update features?
Can I change the geo location of my tenant after configuration?
Office 365 Germany, China and all other variants are supported or not?
What happens if we migrate to another Office 365 account?
How to reconfigure if I deleted connectors and rules?
How to remove connectors?
Is it possible to use Sigsync in Mac, Windows, Linux?
Is there a way to set different signature for a Shared Mailbox depending on actual sender?
How to set / unset remove tag in the signature?
How to set /unset the remove tag for a field?
How do I make a duplicate of the existing template and save as a new template and then modify it?
How to set custom attributes in Office 365 and use it in Sigsync
How to setup an email signature?
How to design my signature template?
How to create an account in Sigsync Email signature service?
How to directly login to the Sigsync using your Office 365 credentials?

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