Brand your Email

Centralized signature management

Centralized web-based, No Desktop & Mobile installations

Sigsync is a centralized web-based signature management service that allows you to create and manage your email signatures for your teams and company at one place.

Platform independent

No matter from which device you want to access emails, Sigsync supports email signature across all the devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile etc.) and email clients.

Automatically configure your signature within few clicks!

No hassle of executing all the configuration commands manually. Complete configuration is automatic and uses secure TLS channels. In addition, Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) is supported for additional security. More

Assign Admin role to manage your signatures!

Assign all the signature management to your marketing team by making them admin using the 'Make Admin' feature. Different department can handle the signature management after IT team finishes the setup process. More

Signature generator to design signatures

Create professional HTML signatures without any technical background using Sigsync signature generator. It is a WYSIWYG Signature generator and automatically handles all the HTML while you place design components such as Section, Text, Social media etc., for your signature.

100's of professional signature templates available!

We have 100's of different professional signature template layouts to choose for your business needs. All the templates are fully customizable using sigsync signature generator. More

Automatically retrieve AD fields

Signature templates uses AD fieds that will insert sender's AD field value in signature placeholder. Thus, information such as Name, Company, Address details etc., are added dynamically in your email signature. More

Social media integration

Has multiple social media icons readily available and easy to use social media strip that lets you organize your communication channels with minimum effort. More

Email Disclaimers

Brand your Email

Establish your brand

Attract followers and build brand awareness by having an email signature with your company logo and contact details. It will make you look legitimate and helps to build brand recognition.

Generate leads, drive website traffic

Email signature helps you to achieve marketing and sales goals with signature elements like banners, links, images, etc. In addition, this strategy can support increase page visits, promote events, products and much more.

Multiple geolocation servers

Helps you to minimize the latency by selecting servers near to your region. Having servers based in your region reduces latency as well as makes it GDPR compliant.

Analytics to know your audiences!

Track the number of email clicks using analytics, banners or logo in signature. Marketing is more efficient if you know your active readers and the Analytics will help you in this.

OneClick survey for an instant rating!

Have a survey for your customers and obtain customer satisfaction details instantly through signature. A quick survey is more likely to engage users and it can send details on their ratings.

Different signatures for different promotions or campaigns at same times

Have multiple signatures application for different audiences based on rules. Send different signatures for different products or campaigns or based on keywords for different countries using multiple signature rules. More


Signature Preview

Instant Signature Preview

Easily create your email signature using Sisgync signature generator. Signature template collections helps you to choose desired signature for your business and customize the signature with Social profiles, Blog posts share, Website links and much more.

Outlook Add-in preview

Signature that will be added after sending email can be previewed before sending the email by using Sigsync Outlook Add-in. This lets you view the signature that will be added to currently composed email. More

Sent Items emails signature

Signature for sent emails are updated instantly after adding signature. This allows you to view the signature added along with your emails and helps you to maintain legal compliance. More

Automate your campaign using Scheduler

Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 lets you plan ahead and create campaigns that will run automatically at the right time and stop after a specific time, all according to a scheduled configuration.

  • This lets you tailor your Signature rules to add different signatures during weekdays, weekends and during holidays.
  • It can be used to run special anniversary programs or offers for a limited time and prepare for it in weeks advance!
  • You can also plan ahead for product launch events or new promotions.
  • It's best to prepare early and make time limited campaigns a success instead of manually changing rules at the time of requirement.

You can also let your marketing team manage the signatures by assigning them limited access and have pre-planned and scheduled event signatures for a successful event advertisement and planning. Sigsync Signature Generator has various categories of unique predefined templates to suit user requirements. Modify existing templates to add your changes and make it your own in no time!. More


Add signature while composing in Outlook or OWA

Add signature while composing in Outlook or OWA

Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 is providing client side signature support. In the server side mode, email signatures will be added by routing it through Sigsync Azure servers. However, client-side signatures will be added while composing emails in Outlook!

This feature is currently supported by Outlook 2016 (latest updates), Outlook 2019 (latest updates), and Microsoft 365 Outlook versions. Microsoft will soon add Mac support. More

How to add signature in Outlook

  • Login to Sigsync and set a signature template to a rule in the Signature Rules section.
  • Deploy add-in for your account either in Outlook or from the Exchange admin center
  • Click on New message and it will add the signature automatically!

Dynamic Active Directory placeholders support

Sigsync Email Signatures provides Active Directory fields in Signature templates. This lets you create unique signatures for each user in your organization. Some users, however, may not have values in certain AD fields. In this case, Sigsync provides a Remove Tag option to skip that field section during signature creation for a specific user. Using this option you can choose to remove the entire line from the signature and avoid any blank spaces, if the value for the field is not set.

The Remove tag allows you to skip Active Directory fields that do not have field values for a specific user.

For instance, User A has a fax number and the fax field from User A is included in the signature template. However, User B does not have a fax number. Because User B does not have a number in that field in AD, he will have a blank space for the fax number by default, when he adds a signature. To avoid having an empty space, add the Remove Tag to all fax number related fields. That is, the fax number and the icon associated with it.

When users do not have a value for the fax number field in AD, it removes all the fields associated with it when included under the remove tag. More

Dynamic AD placeholders support

O365 users photos in signatures

Office 365 (Microsoft 365) users photos in signatures

Email signatures have become our identity, so it is essential that we represent ourselves professionally to our recipients. Sigsync Email Signatures includes Active Directory placeholders as well as profile photos. Customers will see your entire signature in a much brighter perspective if you include a picture of yourself in your signature.

When you share a photo, you build trust and demonstrate that there is a real person behind the communication, making it easier to maintain a positive relationship with your users. In business contacts, creating a positive interaction is essential.

While we discussed external emails, internal emails can also include photos, which allows your coworkers to become acquainted with your identity in large corporations. It assists in the development of good working relationships between teams by allowing them to get to know one another better. More

Use your Email Signature as Marketing

Sigsync Email Signature for Office 365 is a centrally managed and cloud-based email signature solution. It is designed to work without any desktop installation. You can manage email signatures for your team and company without any efforts.

Brand your Email

Email Disclaimers

Advertise your service

Promote Events and Products

Highly secured

Brand your Email

Brand your Email

Email signature includes company branding along with personal details with all emails before leaving your company.

Email Disclaimers

Email Disclaimers

Centrally managed professional Office 365 email signature helps you to Incorporate an email disclaimer laws and regulations.

Advertise your services

Advertise your services

Utilize the emails communication effectively to advertise your product promotion in every emails.

Promote Events and Products

Promote Events and Products

Increase sales or exposure with no additional cost by promoting events and products easily and effectively using professional email signatures.

Highly secured

Highly secured

Email and credential are not stored on any of our servers or read by anyone. It follows Microsoft flow and oAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption.

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