Brand your Email

Email Signature includes your company’s branding along with personal details with all emails before leaving your company.

Professional Look and Feel

Brand your Company logo and colours on every email.

Multiple templates

Have different signature templates based on rules set.

Support for any device

Append your professional email signature on every outgoing emails.

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Brand your Email

Email Disclaimers

Email Disclaimers

Centrally managed professional office 365 email signature helps you to incorporate an email disclaimer laws, and regulations.


Stay compliant with legal rules and regulations.

Disclaimers Placement

Choose where your legal disclaimer to be placed.

Tamper proof

Users with permission to add / edit will have access to make any changes.

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Advertise your services

Utilize the email communication effectively to advertise your product promotion in every email.

Different templates

Allow specific advertisements and target them to specific receipents.

Permission Rights

Only right user can change the template designs. It is safe and secure advertisement.

Any Device

You can append Advertisement to all the outgoing emails from any device.

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Advertise your services

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Using Centralized email Signature data integrity is maximized and no need to create email signature in each device.

Quick and Ease of edit

Make changes to your Email signature company wide in seconds.

Choose your template

Just apply the template, that suits your requirement.

Professional and consistent

All emails sending from your company will be consistent.

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Support 'BYOD' (Bring Your own device). Encourage your employees to use their own device for company emails.

Any Device

Your professional email signature gets incorporated on all emails sent from any device.

Maintain Consistency

Email Signature Mails will be consistent for your entire organization.

Any mail client or Mobile APP

Allows you to send email from any mail client or mobile APP.

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Mobile Email Signature

Highly Secured Email Signature

Highly Secured

Emails and credentials are not stored on any of our servers or read by anyone.

Email Signature data

Data related to signatures are stored with encryption for additional protection.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication

Uses OAuth 2.0 secured authentication to create seamless registration and integration.

TLS Encryption and Authentication

All the communications between your Office 365 email server and the Sigsync service, uses industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection.

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