Centralized signature management

  • Centralized signature management: Sigsync is a centralized web-based signature service that allows you to create and manage email signatures for your company employees and partner companies at one place.
  • Platform independent: Sigsync adds email signatures for the emails sent from any devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile etc. It also supports all the email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc.
  • Automatically configure your signature within few clicks: No hassle of executing all the configuration commands manually. Complete configuration can be made automatically. It uses secure TLS channels. In addition, Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) is supported for additional security.
  • Assign Admin role to manage tenant's signatures: Assign all the signature management to your coworkers by making them admin using the 'Make Admin' feature. Different department can handle the signature management after IT team finishes the setup process.  More

Centralized Dashboard

  • Tenant’s signature management: Admin can manage their employees / clients email signature from centralized dashboard.
  • Add Admin users: Add users who can manage the signature and also assign roles which gives full / limited access permission to the dashboard.
  • Add / Invite clients and manage their signature centrally: Resellers can add their clients by sending the invite email to them. After accepting the invite, the clients can add signature to their tenants and manage the signature templates and rules. Owner can view all the clients and clients can only access their signature management.
  • Set admin roles, manage subscriptions and send updates to clients: Admin roles can be assigned as Full access which gives the complete access permission and limited access gives only view permission. Manage subscription of your accounts and send respective updates to your clients.
  • View log activity details: Admins will have the access to view the log activity details. All activity of your account will be shown in this log.

Signature generator to design signatures

  • Signature generator to design signatures: You can create professional HTML signatures without any technical expertise using Sigsync signature generator. It is a feature rich WYSIWYG Signature generator that can automatically handle all the HTML while you place design components such as Section, Text, Social media etc., for your signature to create signature.  More
  • 100's of professional signature templates available: We have 100's of different professional signature template layouts to choose for your business needs. You can further customize the templates using Sigsync signature generator.  More
  • Automatically retrieve AD fields: Signature templates uses AD fields that will insert sender's AD field value in signature placeholder. Thus, information such as Name, Company, Address details etc., are added dynamically in your email signature.  More
  • Social media integration: Social media icons with various design are available readily to match with your signature styles. Easy to use social media strip that lets you organize your communication channels with minimum effort.

Establish your brand

  • Generate leads, drive website traffic with Analytics: Email signature helps you to achieve marketing and sales goals with signature elements like banners, links, images, etc. You can track your website traffics generated by email signature links using third party services like Google analytics.   More
  • Multiple geolocation servers: Reduces the latency of email sending by selecting servers near to your region. Having servers based in your region will make it GDPR compliant.
  • Brand your Email: Using Sigsync service you can add company signature to all employees emails and create brand awareness, attract followers by having an email signature with your company logo and contact details. It will make you look legitimate and helps to build brand recognition.

Analytics to know your audiences!

  • OneClick survey for an instant rating: Use a survey for your customers and obtain customer satisfaction details instantly through signature. A quick survey is more likely to engage users and it can send details on their ratings.   More
  • Different signatures for different promotions or campaigns at same times: Create multiple signatures and apply them for different audiences based on rules. Send different signatures for different products or campaigns or based on keywords for different countries using multiple signature rules.

Instant Signature Preview

  • Instant Signature template Preview: Easily create your email signature using Sigsync signature generator containing 100+ signature template collections that helps you to choose desired signature for your business and customize. You can instantly preview signature of your users in signature generator.
  • Outlook Add-in preview: Signature that will be added after sending email can be previewed before sending the email by using Sigsync Outlook Add-in. This lets you view the signature that will be added to currently composed email.  More
  • Sent Items emails signature: Signature for sent emails are updated instantly after adding signature. This allows you to view the signature added along with your emails and helps you to maintain legal compliance.  More


  • Highly secured: Email and credential are not stored on any of our servers or read by anyone. It follows Microsoft flow and oAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption.
  • Force HTML signature for all email formats: This lets you add your HTML signature to all emails. This is useful as mobile applications may send email in text format and Outlook may send in RTF format which can not have HTML signature by default.  More
  • Set email layout: This lets you choose where a signature should be appended in chain emails which are reply or forward emails that contains previous email as well.  More
  • Remove signature added by mobile: Many manufacturers of smartphones have default signatures in email app like 'Sent from my iPhone', 'Sent from my Android', 'Get Outlook for Android' etc. You can remove these signatures using this feature.  More
  • Manage Secure (encrypted or digitally signed) Messages: For secure messages, you can either proceed to skip adding email signatures or you can choose to attach secure email to new email with signature appended.  More


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