What’s Flexible Upgrade?

We know everyone has different requirements. Anytime flexible upgrades lets you tailor subscription to you, so it’s just right. Pick the subscription that suits you best. Change your purchased licenses any time (down as well as up).

Sigsync offers you complete control on how you use your license. You can either add additional licenses during an active subscription to meet your increasing users requirements or you can decrease the license to save cost. What's more, even if you decrease the license count of active subscription in the current billing period (cycle), you will still be able to use all licenses until the next billing date (cycle) which will have decreased license amount.

Also, you can upgrade or downgrade license count at any time and as many times as required. If you by chance use more license than purchased, they will be charged at 0.5$ / license which is 50%+ off compared to other competitors!

Let's talk about the upgrade possibilities in details,

  1. Monthly plan to - Yearly plan: If you want to upgrade to a yearly plan to save more on subscription, you can switch from monthly plan to yearly at any time! You only have to pay the difference amount and the yearly plan will be activated immediately. For instance, you have 100 users and are paying 40$ per month. You will be paying 480$ per year. But, if you upgrade to a yearly plan you will only have to pay 440$ per year. You will save 40$ more.
  2. Yearly plan to monthly plan: If you want to change from yearly plan to monthly plan. You can switch at any time and you will only have to pay the difference amount instead of full payment.
  3. We also provide special discounts for NON PROFIT organisation and Government facilities.
  4. Upgrading or downgrading license within same subscription plan: You can at any time upgrade licenses to accommodate increasing users requirements. You only have to pay for additional licenses purchased and it will be added immediately. If you wish to downgrade the licenses purchased, you will still be able to use all the licenses until the next billing date and you will be charged a new reduced price based on reduced license count for next billing.


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