Create unified signature templates for employees of same department or users from same group without having to login as each user to setup a signature for everyone.

Select the template that is suitable to your needs and set the layout for Signature by clicking 'Signature style'. You can select different font style, color, size according to your liking.

Making a signature for every user in a department would take lot of work and time, instead you can make all the signature of one department's users at once! This not only saves time and effort, it also makes things easier to update or change and at same time looks uniform and professional.

Sigsync incorporates a heap of formats that make your email signature look great and fitting for a signature.

You can have Disclaimers, Banners, Social media links, Mobile apps and other website links(Personal websites or blogs etc)


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Sigsync email signature service offers company-wide and centralized email signature
for Office 365 and Exchange. We can assist you in getting your signature ready effortlessly.