Steps to view the message header in Outlook web

Follow the below steps to view the message header of an email in Outlook web:

  • Open your email in Outlook web.
  • According to your Outlook UI open the 'View message details'

    • If you are using the new Outlook UI, Click on the '…' button in the upper right corner. From the drop down, select 'View' and the, choose 'View message details'.


    • If you are using the classic Outlook UI, click the ‘˅’ button next to 'Reply all' button. From the drop down, select 'View message details'.
  • From the 'Message details' window, copy the whole text.


  • To analyze the message header, go to and choose 'Message Analyzer' from the left pane.


  • Paste the copied text to the text box and click on the 'Analyze headers' button to analyze the message headers.



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