Mobile email signature

Support 'BYOD' (Bring Your own device). Let employees use their own device for company emails, there is no branding issues about email signature. You need not have to configure any thing on any of the devices. You just configure your email signature with Sigsync to handle and manage your email signature effortlessly.

Email Signature consistency

Sigsync is a Centralised web-based email signature management. No individual device setting is required for email signature. Ensure that emails sent from mobiles devices send professional and consistent email signature for all your emails based on the email signature configuration.

Centrally Managed

Email signatures are web based centrally managed, therefore no need of individual device settings.

Email Signatures from Mobile device

Why have a mobile email signature?

Globally people are using mobile phone for sending and receiving emails. Now most of the people are using smart phones for their business. Many of them are sending email via mobiles where it is appended with 'sent from my Android' or 'sent from my iPhone'. These mails lack email signature and branding. It will be unprofessional without company details and contact details.

Your Email signature is configured at the server-level and the email signature gets incorporated on all emails sent from any device, also maintaining the consistency across the entire organization. You can be confident that all emails sending from your organization are branded correctly and display the correct personal contact details in email signature.

Now you can permit the employees to use their own mobile device for Office emails and be confident that their communications are professional and consistent.

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Sigsync email signature service offers company-wide and centralized email signature
for Office 365 and Exchange. We can assist you in getting your signature ready effortlessly.