How to select multiple groups in Exchange transport rule for Sigsync Signatures?

You need to configure Sigsync Connectors in order for the user's email to be routed through the Sigsync service and to add Office 365 email signatures and disclaimers. The selected senders/senders group will be automatically added to the Sigsync online transport rule during this process.


Changing the Sigsync Exchange transport rule may affect your mail flow. Please confirm that the changes are correct before saving it.

  1. Open the Exchange admin center.
  2. Go to Mail flow, then click Rules.
  3. You can find the Sigsync Exchange transport rule as shown in the image below, edit it using the Edit button ( ) or by double-clicking it to open the rule configuration window.

    Press the Edit button to modify the Sigsync Exchange transport rule

  4. The following steps to add user/group option depends on your initial configuration in the Connectors Configuration Wizard page:
    • If you have previously selected the option Enable email signatures to specific groups as shown in the first image, then click on the specific group name under the condition The sender is a member of.. to open the user/group option as shown below.

      Modify the selected group in the sender scope

    • If you initially selected the option Enable email signature to all the groups/users, you must add the The sender is a member of.. condition to the Sigsync transport rule by clicking add condition and select The sender.. > is a member of this group, as shown in the image below.

      Add multiple selected groups in the sender’s scope

  5. In the user/group option, select one or more groups and add them by pressing the add button as shown. This condition only works with groups and not for adding individual users.

    Include multiple groups in Sigsync transport rule

  6. If your groups are not displayed in the option, add them manually by entering their email address(es) in the text field.

    Add groups that are not existing in the option

  7. When the group is added, click OK and then Save it. After the changes are done, the members of the groups will have their emails routed through the Sigsync Azure Service with email signatures.

    Save the rule

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