How to add round user photos in email signatures?

You would like to add round user photos in email signatures using Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365.


User pictures uploaded to your tenant in Microsoft 365 are normally in the form of square shape. Sigsync Office 365 email signature generator provides a number of options for managing the components of a signature, including Edit, Replace, Remove Tag, Dimensions, Typography, and Decorations. So you can make use of the Border-Radius option to add a round user photo in your signature.

Let’s see the step by step procedure to convert a square shaped photo to round-shaped using the Sigsync signature generator.

  1. Log in to Sigsync dashboard
  2. Click on the Manage Signature link under the Manage Tenants Signature section for the respective tenant, as shown below.


  3. Click on the Signature Generator tab and then select the Template Gallery in the Tenants page.

    Select template gallery

  4. Select a new square template in the Template Gallery or select the template from the Saved list.

    Select square template

  5. Click on the profile image which you want to convert from a square shaped to round and then click on the Decorations tab in the Manage Signature Template window.

    Click on the Decoration tab

  6. Adjust the Border Radius values (Top, Right, Left, Bottom) as per the requirement, say 50px as shown in the screenshot below. Click the Save button to reflect the changes.

    Set border radius

  7. You can see the shape of the image in the Signature Preview window to your right. It has been reshaped from a square to a round shape.

    Conversion of square to rounded photo

Note: Some email clients, such as Outlook Desktop, do not support this method. In such cases, it is preferable to create a profile photo with a rounded border and upload it in the Office 365 admin center, which will let you display the same image on all the email clients without any CSS.

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