How to add a specific email signature to emails sent from mobile devices?

You would like to attach specific signature to emails sent from mobile clients only.


A mobile client allows for different signatures to be added to emails sent from mobile devices. However, there is no surefire way to identify a mobile message. As a result, setting up a specific email signature in a mobile email client as well as setting up signature rules in Sigsync for Office 365 are necessary to accomplish this. This is a limitation of general email communication, not of the signature service. Follow the below links to achieve the requirement:

Setting up of a signature on a mobile email client

First, you must set up your mobile email client so that all outgoing emails are accompanied by a signature. The signature will suffice as an identifier that enables our signature service to see that the email is coming from that device. For purposes of showing how to set up a mobile email client, we will use Outlook for Android.

Note: Follow the steps below for each mobile email client (mobile device). Enter the identifier phrase (email signature) correctly or Sigsync won't replace it with a mobile signature.

We will see how to do this in Outlook for android.

  1. Open your Outlook app on your mobile device and click on the Settings gear icon.
  2. Under Settings, click on the Signature option.

    click on signature

  3. Scroll down to the Email section of the menu and tap Signature.

    Tap signature under email

  4. Delete the existing signature and enter an identifier phrase (such as Sent From Mobile). It will be used by Sigsync software to detect an email sent from this email client.
  5. Save the new signature by tapping Apply (✔).

    Enter a signature phrase

Configure a signature for mobile devices in Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365

Below are the steps to configure a signature rule that will detect the identifier phrase added to an email by a mobile client and replace it with a mobile specific signature.

How to set Signature Rules?

  1. Login to Sigsync Dashboard and click on the Manage Signature link for a tenant.
  2. Expand the Signature Rules tab and select Manage rules.

By default, there will be a rule called ‘DefaultRule’ which has all values set to default which makes it easy to start using Sigsync service right away. You can however make changes to this rule as necessary or you can click on the '+' icon to Add New Rule and make changes as required.

Add Signature – based on keywords:

This adds the signature to the email only when all the added keyword conditions are satisfied.

Sigsync provides the option to add a signature based on the Keyword/phrase contained in the email subject or body or both.

In the Keywords tab, click on the + Add Keywords button to add Keyword/phrase.

Go to Keywords in Sigsync Rules

Enter the Keyword/phrase and select the Search in: option.

Enter the Keyword/phrase

Enter the same Keyword/phrase as the one you added as a signature in the mobile app.(Sent From Mobile). Select the option Email subject and body in the Search in drop-down.

If you check the option Remove this phrase from email subject and body, it removes the entered 'Keyword/phrase' if matched. Otherwise, it will retain it as it is. Click on the Save button to continue.

check remove this phrase

Rule Execution Flow

If a user has created more than one rule, an email may satisfy more than one rule condition. To address this scenario, you can set priority for the rules to be considered in (  ) Set Priority button.

Change priority of rules by using up (▲) and down (▼) buttons.

  • If this rule is applied

    Stop processing the next rule

    This option allows you to stop checking the next rule if the Keyword/phrase is found and Sigsync adds the mobile signature template you have designated for this rule.

  • If this rule is not applied

    Go to the next rule

    This option allows you to execute the next rule, if the Keyword/phrase is not found. Sigsync will not add a signature in this case and proceeds to the next rule.

    Set Rule Execution Flow

Finally click on the Save Changes button.

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