How to update individual vCard links in email signatures?

You want to include a sender's personal electronic business card (vCard) as a link in the email signature.


In Sigsync software, there are provisions to enable dynamic fields from Active Directory in email signature templates. These fields are often added as place holders in signature and automatically replaced with the Active Directory data of the user. This article explains how to use this feature to include the URL of the individual vCard links present on your server.

First you need to name your vCard files using the fields in Active Directory like First name, Last name, email id etc. A vCard URL looks like,

Example 1:

In this example, the reference in the signature template will look like {First Name}.{Last Name}.vcf

Individual vCard links are stored in your server as shown below,{First Name}.{Last Name}.vcf

After you have saved the vCard on your server, copy the URL of the file as shown above. Click on a blank text field in the Sigsync signature generator (in this example, the Other links field. But you can add this to any text field in the Signature Generator) and select Hyperlink in the left pane.

Click on a blank text field

Add the URL of the vCard in the Href box, fill in other details as shown and click Save link.

Add the URL and other details under Add Link

Your email preview should now look like the one below after you've added the vCard.

individual vCard links in email signatures

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