How to insert vCard as link in email signature?

Sigsync allows dynamically adding Active Directory fields in your email signature templates. These fields are automatically replaced with the Active Directory data of the user. This article explains how to use this feature to include the URL of the individual vCard links present on your server.

First you need to name your vCard files using the Active Directory fields like Given name, surname, email id etc. An individual vCard URL looks as :

Example 1:
Example 2:

In the Sigsync email signature template, add links to vCard files using the corresponding AD placeholders. In the above examples, the links should include: ${given Name}.{surname}.vcf or {givenName}{surname}.vcf

Steps to insert vCard as link in email signature using Sigsync

  1. Drag and drop the 'Text' component in to the design area

    Drag and drop Text

  2. Click on the text field and select the 'Hyperlink' icon

    Click on the text field

  3. Now, the 'Hyperlink' tab will be expanded under the 'Properties' pane on the right side of the editor.

    Enter the link title.

    Enter the full URL for the vCard.


    Select the target window to open the link, and enter the 'Link Text'.

    Click the 'Save link' button

    Click the Save link button

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