How to prevent Outlook from removing extra line breaks from emails and email signatures?

Plain text emails or signatures in Outlook are disrupted by the lack of line breaks between text.


If you use Enter key to type individual lines of text in a plain text message or plain text signature in Sigsync Email signatures for Office 365, the email/signature may appear as one long line on the recipient's email client. Such scenarios arise in case the recipient has enabled the Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages option on their email client. To resolve this problem ask your recipient to follow the steps below.

  1. In Outlook desktop, go to File > Options.

    Go to Options in desktop Outlook

  2. Click on Mail, scroll down and go to Message format. Disable the option Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages if you'd like to prevent line breaks from being removed from emails/signature and click on OK.

    Remove extra line breaks in plain text


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