How to change a subscription plan in Sigsync Email Signatures?

You want to know how to change the subscription in Sigsync email signature for Office 365.


Sigsync offers two subscription plans i.e Monthly or Yearly.

Steps to change the subscription plan:

  1. Login to Sigsync Dashboard.
  2. Select the ‘Subscriptions’ < ‘Manage Subscriptions’ tab.


  3. In the 'Subscription Details' page, click on the 'Edit Subscription' button.

    Edit Sigsync signature subscription

  4. In the Edit Subscription page, click on the 'Change Plan'.

    Change Sigsync signature subscription plan

  5. You can change the subscription plan from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly. In the Order Summary, you will be shown the difference amount based on the prorated billing to be paid now (if any) under Today's Charge and the next billing cost under the Recurring yearly charge section. Click on the Change Plan button as shown to confirm the changes.

    Change signature subscription plan

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