How to manually check the user attributes and custom attributes in Azure AD using Graph Explorer?

You need to verify the user attributes and custom attributes in the Azure AD that are used by Sigsync Office 365 email signatures.


Follow the steps below to verify the User attributes as well as Custom attributes in Azure Active Directory using Graph explorer.

  1. Visit site and login with the global admin account.

    Sign in to Microsoft graph explorer

  2. In the top, select the query operator as GET and API version as beta from the dropdown as shown.

    Select the query and API version

    Note: You can also verify the custom attributes in Azure AD by selecting the API version as beta.

    In the query box, type in the URL and click on the Run query button to view the Azure AD values under the Response preview tab as shown.

    Run query to view the Azure AD values

    1. To retrieve the value of the signed in user enter,

    2. To retrieve the values of any other user under your tenant, specify the user email address Example:*email address*
  3. Click on the Consent button in the Modify permissions (Preview) tab to provide the permission as per your requirement.

    Click on the consent to set permission

If the status displays Consented, then the permission is already granted.

How to check the Microsoft profile photo of a user using Graph Explorer

Enter the below URL in the query box to verify the information of the User profile photo as this is missing in the above result.*email address*/photo/

Verify user photo details

To view the photo, add $value to the above url

Example:*email address*/photo/$value

View Photo










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