How to enable ‘Display / Hide’ properties for a signature field?

If any field in your Office 365 Active Directory is blank, an empty space will appear for the corresponding field in the signature. To avoid this, enable the 'Hide' property from the 'Properties' panel in the Sigsync editor.

Steps to set 'Hide' property:

For an instance:

In the below screenshot 'Office Location' field is empty in the preview panel.

Select any field

To remove empty space, enable 'Hide' property to the label 'A'

  1. Click the label

    Click the label

  2. Select the Active directory field and click the 'Apply' button


  3. Now, the empty space is removed. You can preview the changes

    empty space is removed

  4. To display the field, select the label and click the 'Unhide' button

    Click unhide


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