How to modify existing transport rules to add/remove user groups?

You have configured the Exchange online connectors to use with Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature service. You would like to manually add or remove specific groups or users to add signatures.


You can manually edit the transport rules in the Exchange admin center (EAC) to add or remove users and groups whose emails get signatures. Follow the links below to know how to:

Edit the Transport Rule in the Exchange Admin Center

  1. Sign in to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC).
  2. Navigate to the Mail flow, and then Rules in the left panel.
  3. Select the Sigsync Routing Rules in the Rules page and click on the Edit icon.

    Edit Sigsync Routing rules

Restrict the scope of users who receive signatures

Sigsync transport rule is set in such a way that all emails sent inside the organization will be redirected to the Outbound connector. Signatures are available to all the users without any limitation.

  1. To limit email signatures only to the users of a specific group, click on the add condition button as highlighted below.

    Add condition to set the scope of sender

  2. Choose The sender > is a member of this group.

    Set the condition for the group member

  3. Select a group from the Select Members window, add the group by clicking Add->, and click OK. You can select more than one group.

    Select a group to add signature

  4. Click on the Save button to update the transport rule changes.

Note: Enter the email address(es) in the text field next to the Check names button to manually add some groups if they are not displayed in the picker and click on the Check names button.

Expand the scope of users who receive signatures

There are two ways to allow multiple users to receive signatures.

Remove the condition restricting the scope of senders to a specific group.

To remove the limit on senders, edit the transport rule as shown below, so that all the users inside your organization are able to add their signatures to their messages.

  1. Open the existing transport rule.
  2. Click on the x (remove) button in front of The sender is a member of...

    Remove the group member

  3. Click on Save to update the changes.

Add the groups again in the existing scope of the senders.

To add another group of users to the scope of senders who receive email signatures, edit the transport rule as shown below:

  1. In the transport rule window, click on the group name next to The sender is a member of condition.

    Select the group name to remove

  2. Now choose another group in the Select Members window and click on Add to include additional groups. Click on the OK and Save buttons to save the changes.

    Add more group to add signature

Add a user to a group in Office 365

  1. Sign into Office 365 admin center.
  2. Expand Teams & Groups in the left panel and select Active teams & groups.
  3. Open the group where you want to add a new user.
  4. Then, go to the Members option and click on View all and manage members.
  5. Now click on the Add members option to see all the users list.
  6. Select the user you want to add or search the user in the search bar. Click on Save to save the changes and close the group window.


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