How to turn off Image compression in Outlook?

Outlook reduces the quality of images in emails which may also impact any visuals added by Sigsync to email signatures.


By default, Outlook automatically compresses the picture.

The image compression can be disabled in Outlook 2019 settings in order to prevent image modifications and maintain the original appearance of images in email signatures. Images cannot be made to maintain their quality after being transmitted in an email, though. This implies that regardless of your settings, the quality of images included in any reply or forward emails may degrade.

Steps to disable the image compression in Outlook:

  1. Select the 'File' menu in Outlook

    Select File Menu

  2. Select 'Options'

    Select Options

  3. Select the 'Mail' tab and click the 'Editor Options…'button.

    Click Editor Options

  4. Choose the 'Advanced' tab and in the 'Image Size and Quality', select the checkbox 'Do not compress images in file'.

    Do not Compress Images

  5. In the 'Default resolution', select 'High fidelity' and click 'OK'.

    Select High Fidelity


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