How to confirm the Hybrid environment?

You want to know whether you are working in Exchange Online, On- Premises Exchange or Hybrid environment.


A hybrid infrastructure is a combination of on-premises data centers, private clouds and/or public clouds.

Syncing Active Directory

Syncing your active directory with Azure Active Directory is the key feature of hybrid environments. Sign into your Microsoft 365 admin center and expand Health in your left navigation menu if you want to verify your tenant has been synchronized or not. If Directory Sync Status is visible in the left pane, then it clearly indicates that the synchronization has been set up. To check the status of the synchronization, verify the values for Directory sync enabled and Last directory sync.

Set Directory sync status


In case the Directory Sync Status page is not visible in the navigation pane and the Directory sync enabled status is False, it is clear that the Active Directory synchronization is not properly configured.

If you create users or groups in your Office 365 account, they will not be reflected in your local Active Directory. So, you need to create or modify such items locally and synchronize the updates later.

Exchange Hybrid Environment

To verify the hybrid configuration of your Exchange, go to the Exchange admin center and navigate to the hybrid in the left pane. If enable or configure button is activated in the setup page, it clearly indicates that your Exchange is not under Hybrid environment.

Check hybrid environment


If you see a modify or change button instead, it means your Exchange server has been integrated with your Office 365 tenant. To test the hybrid configuration, use the Exchange Management Shell and run the following cmdlet:

Get-HybridConfiguration | fl

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