How to add a customized email signature to emails from shared mailboxes.

You are looking for a way to insert signatures to emails from shared mailboxes.


Consider two users, User1 and User2, who require separate signatures when using Shared Mailbox.

Follow the below steps to set the signature in this case:

Step 1: Create Signature Templates (Example: 'SigTemplateUser1' and 'SigTemplateUser2') but don’t use AD placeholders. That is, type all the details such as Name, Company Name, Address etc., directly in the signature template for User1 and User2.

Step 2: Create Signature Rules (Example: 'SigRuleUser1' and 'SigRuleUser2') with keywords in body or subject containing unique words for User1 and User2.

Step 3: Assign the Signature Template 'SigTemplateUser1' to the Signature Rule 'SigRuleUser1' and 'SigTemplateUser2' to 'SigRuleUser2'.

Ensure that User1 and User2 will place the respective keyword in the message body or subject (as set in Signature Rule) every time while sending an email from the Shared Mailbox. If the keyword is matched then the respective Signature will be attached along with the email.

Repeat the above steps for every user who needs a different signature when sent from Shared Mailbox.

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