Integrate Surveys, Polls and Voting along with your email signature using Microsoft forms

Microsoft Forms can be directly integrated along with Sigsync email signature for Surveys, Polls, Voting to track the results in real time.

Follow the below steps to integrate Microsoft forms along with email signatures using Sigsync.

In the below example, we have used 'Voting' option implementation.

  1. Login to Microsoft forms.
  2. Click the 'New Form' button.

    Click the New Form button

  3. Enter the appropriate Title.

    For instance, name the title as 'Voting Survey' and click 'Add new'.

    Enter the appropriate Title

  4. Choose the type as 'Choice'.

    Choose the type as Choice

  5. Enter the question as 'Vote on Project Proposal' and add the voting options as 'Accepted' or 'Rejected'.

    Enter the question

  6. Click dots '…' and select the 'Settings'.

    Click dots

  7. Customize the settings as per your requirement.

    Customize the settings as per your requirement

    You are now done with the Voting Survey settings. Copy the URL and paste the URL in your email body or signature.

  8. To copy the URL, click the 'Collect responses' button.

    For a short link, select the option 'Shorten URL' and click the 'Copy' button. Refer to the below screenshot.

    Done with Voting Survey settings

Insert the URL into your email signature

  1. Open Sigsync signature editor and drag n drop ‘Text’ component into your signature template and edit the text as ‘Click here to vote’

    Open Sigsync signature editor

  2. Select the text and on the right side ‘Properties’ pane, choose the ‘Hyperlink’ tab and add the Voting Survey link from Microsoft forms.

    Add the voting survey link

  3. That’s it! Your email signature will have a voting link that can be viewed from the preview pane.

    signature will have voting link

  4. Once you send an email, click the ‘Responses’ tab in Microsoft forms to collect the voting results.

    Click the Responses tab in Microsoft forms

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