How to convert a plain text message to the required format in an email signature?

Usually messages sent from mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android phones are in the Plain text format. As a result, the signature added from Sigsync service to the messages sent from these devices does not work as expected.


This issue arises as a result of the mobile device's default settings. Most mobile devices' default message setting is Plain text, with no other options such as RTF or HTML. However, when replying or forwarding the messages on Apple devices, the mail will automatically switch to plain or HTML. There is also an option to switch to Rich Text Format (RTF), but this does not always work.

Follow the steps below to Force the HTML signature as the default message format for Apple or Android mobile devices in Sigsync

  1. Log in to Sigsync dashboard.
  2. Select the 'Manage Signatures' < 'Settings' tab.

    convert plain text to html

  3. Select 'HTML Signature' where you have 3 options to convert to HTML under the Force HTML Signature option.
  • Convert plain text email to html
  • Convert RTF email to html
  • Convert all email to html

convert plain text to html

For more details, refer to the article Force HTML Signature.

Use the Exchange Management shell command to force the HTML format in Exchange server.

Open the Exchange Management Shell and execute the following command:

set-remotedomain -Identity Default -ContentType MimeHtml

Steps to change Apple mail default settings to HTML

  1. On Mac, open the Mail app and select Mail -> Preference from the menu.
  2. Select the Composing section and change the Message format to Rich Text.
  3. Compose a new message by applying a few formatting text like bold and send the message.

    set message format as rich text


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