How to stop adding signatures by individual users in Outlook on the web (OWA)?

While Sigsync Email Signature for Office 365 is configured for all the users, each individual user can still apply personal signatures to their email messages from Microsoft Outlook on the web. This results in some users having two different signatures - one from Outlook and another one from Sigsync.


To stop adding signature by individual user in Outlook on the web, just disable the Email signature option in the Outlook Web App.

Follow the below steps:

Ensure that your Exchange/Office 365 plan supports Group Policy (GPO).

  1. Sign in to your Exchange admin center.
  2. Navigate to permissions > Outlook Web App policies

    Outlook Web app policies

  3. Double-click on the policy that is assigned to the user to stop adding the OWA signature.
  4. Navigate to features and click on the More options link to get more features.
  5. Uncheck the Email signature feature as shown below.

    Disable individual signature in OWA

  6. Save the changes.

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