Received duplicate emails when sent to Microsoft 365 group

When an email is sent to a Microsoft 365 group, you'll find that the recipients get duplicate emails.


This issue is due to the fact that, as the Microsoft 365 groups recipients split into individual users from the group list, the emails will not be dropped.

Typically, when using distribution lists, the original "group" email is dropped or deleted in favor of sending each user their own email to Sigsync for processing signatures.

When using the Microsoft 365 group, the individual emails are delivered, but the group email is not "dropped" and is instead sent to Sigsync as a separate email for processing.

The group email and the individual user emails are returned to the tenant after Sigsync has processed the emails. The individual emails are sent out as usual, but Microsoft 365 processes the group emails one more time before sending them to the individual user mailboxes.

Microsoft does not give a solution and neither will this be corrected going forward because it views this as normal behavior.

We suggest using a distribution list rather than Microsoft 365 groups.


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