How to remove email signatures attached by mobile devices?

If you use mobile devices to send emails, it adds default email signatures (Example: Sent from my iPhone) and gets mixed with signatures added by Sigsync Email signature service. You would like to remove the mobile signatures.


Sigsync provides an option to remove the signature added by mobile.

Follow the below steps to remove email signatures added by mobile devices.

  1. Login to Sigsync dashboard
  2. Select the 'Manage Signatures' < 'Settings' tab.

    Manage Tenants Signature

  3. Select the ‘Mobile Signatures’ tab.

    Click the mobile signature

  4. Enter your signature phrase and click the ‘Add to list’ button to add it to the list of phrases to be removed.

    Enter your signature phrase

  5. Click the 'Save Changes' button to reflect the changes.

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