How to automatically remove signature elements (placeholders) whose AD values are not set or empty?

Email signature template contains a placeholder for Active Directory (AD) attribute. This is filled with the matching attribute values from the Active Directory dynamically when email is sent. An empty space is left in the email signature in place of the placeholder, if the sender does not have this attribute in the Active Directory. In this article, we will learn how to remove the space occupied by the Active Directory placeholders when the data cannot be retrieved from the AD.


Sigsync has a built-in signature component feature to manage empty AD attribute fields. The 'Remove Empty Fields' option is useful to automatically remove the selected Label / Phrase / Node from the signature when the particular AD attribute value is not set or empty. Sigsync software removes this from email signatures if they can not be replaced with data from AD.

'Remove Empty Fields' removes both the empty attribute and the corresponding phrases that introduce these attributes. If a signature has a table row with an AD attribute placeholder, then the entire table row can be removed using the RT tags if this attribute is empty.

Automatic removal of AD attribute placeholders and corresponding phrases using 'Remove Empty Fields':

Follow the steps below to remove an empty field from signature using 'Remove Empty Fields' option :

Select any field

  1. Click on any AD field whose value is empty.
  2. Select the 'Remove Empty Fields' tab in the 'Edit Signature Fields' window and then select the AD attribute for which you wish to apply Remove Empty Fileds. Then, click on the 'Apply' button.

    Select remove tag tab

  3. Search the sender in the preview panel to check preview. Now the Empty space is removed for the field.

    Search the sender in the preview panel

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