How to replace Active Directory Profile Photo by static logo?

If you have an Active Directory Profile Photo in the Signature template, you can replace it with a static company logo.

Follow the below steps to replace the Profile Photo :

  1. Click the 'Profile Photo'

    Click on the profile Photo field

  2. Select the 'Static profile photo' on the right side 'Properties' panel

    Static profile photo

  3. Click the 'Add Static Photo' button

    Add Static Photo

  4. You can upload either from your computer or online picture. In the below screenshot, we have selected 'Browse From Local'

    Select New Image

  5. Select the logo

    Select the logo

  6. Add 'Alt Tag', 'Image Title' and click the 'Apply' button

    Add Alt Tag

  7. Preview the changes

    Preview the changes

  8. You can preview the updates by searching the email address in the preview section.

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