How to resolve the issues with emails encrypted by Azure RMS?

Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) encrypts your Office 365 emails. When these messages are received by recipients, they can’t open the encrypted contents and receive the following error:

Sorry, we can't display your message right now
Something went wrong and your encrypted message couldn't be opened. Please try again by following the instructions in the original email message in 5 minutes.


If you previously used the Office 365 message encryption service and then changed over to the Azure RMS encryption, then this might be the reason for causing the issue. If your Exchange transport rule uses Azure RMS Encryption, it leads to a conflict with your Office 365 Message Encryption and prevents you from sending Azure RMS encrypted messages to your recipients. Follow the links below to get the solution for the issue.

Verify the encryption rules in Office 365

  1. Sign in to the Exchange Admin Center
  2. Navigate to Mail Flow -> Rules.
  3. Identify the transport rule in Exchange Online that manages the message encryption in your organization and double click on it.

    Check the Transport Rules

  4. Verify how the encryption method is applied by double-clicking the rule and checking these details in the right panel of the rule. You can also check the details under Do the following section.

Fix the conflict issue with the message encryption service

  1. Follow steps 1-2 from the above section and double-click the transport rule that encrypts your emails.
  2. Select Modify the Message security… and then Apply Office 365 Message Encryption and rights protection under Do the following field as shown in the figure.

    Modify the Message Security

  3. Choose the RMS template matching your preferences and click on OK.
  4. Save the changes. Wait for some time to propagate the changes.


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