How to set up two signatures for an individual sender?

To set up two signatures to a single user, create two rules with the Keywords based condition and assign the signature templates accordingly. While composing email, include the same keywords as you set in the rules.

Step to set up two signatures for an individual sender

Follow the below steps to set two different signatures for an individual user.

  1. Login to the Sigsync Dashboard.
  2. Select 'Manage Signatures' > 'Set Signature Rules' tab from the dashboard.


  3. In the Signature Rules tab, click ' + ' button

    Create new rule

  4. Give a name to the rule and click the ‘Save’ button

    Give a name to the rule

  5. Assign the signature template

    Assign the signature template

  6. Click the ‘Edit’ button next to ‘Selected Senders’ under the ‘Senders’ tab and select the sender to whom you want to set two signatures.

    Select your individual sender email

  7. Select the 'Keywords' tab and click the 'Add Keywords' button under ‘Add Signature – based on the keywords’ section.

    Click add keyword

  8. Set the keyword (Ex: ‘First signature’) and select the 'Search in' option as either email body, subject or both. Check ‘Remove this phrase from email subject and body’ to remove the keyword from email after adding the signature. Click the ‘Save’ button

    Click add keyword

  9. Click the 'Save Changes’ button to save the rule changes.

    Save Changes

  10. Repeat the above steps to create the second rule with the second keyword (Ex: Second signature) and assign the template. Add this keyword in the email subject or body while composing the email.


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