How to use Sigsync Signatures for Microsoft Planner messages?

Microsoft Planner

It's a Microsoft 365 web application to manage the task and project workflow. You can plan the task, create a group of people to assign the respective task and also set the project deadlines and comment on the overall work progress.

When you create a project plan and add people to the associated Microsoft 365 group, Microsoft Planner will send the email notification to each member's email address of the Microsoft 365 group, if there is any modification in the projects or any comment written on project flow.

Steps to enable task-related notification in Microsoft Planner

  1. Login to Office 365 and select Planner in the left navigation menu.
  2. In the Planner page, click on the '...' and select Plan settings.
  3. In the Plan settings popup window, select the Send email to the group when a task is assigned or completed option to enable email notification.

    Send an email to the group when a task is assigned

Steps to configure the transport rule in the Exchange admin center

  1. Log in to the Exchange admin center (EAC) and open Mail flow -> Rules
  2. On the rules page, click on the + icon and select Create a new rule option to process the messages for Planner.
  3. In the new rule popup, enter the name of the rule.

    Enter name for new signature rule

  1. Under Apply this rule if... select The sender is located and choose Inside the organization option in the select sender location popup window. Click on the OK button.
  2. Next, click on the More option… button and then the add condition button. Select A message header includes → includes any of these words option. Click on Enter Text and enter the header name as X-MS-TrafficTypeDiagnostic and include the phrase as PlannerComment under Enter words. Click on the Save button.
  3. Under Do the following, select Apply a disclaimer to the message -> append a disclaimer. Enter specific disclaimer text as Planner sent messages and select the Ignore option under specify fallback action.
  4. Save the new planner rule, and then place it before the Sigsync rule. As a result, the new rule goes into effect before Sigsync.

Can I add Sigsync signatures to the Microsoft Planner email notification?

Yes, you can add the Sigsync signature to the Microsoft planner email notification. If any changes or modifications are done in the project plan, or any project member comments on a task, then an email notification with Sigsync signature attached will be sent to all the group members.

How to add a Sigsync signature to Microsoft Planner Emails?

First, create the rules for Microsoft planner email notifications to add signatures.

Steps to create Microsoft Planner Signature rule in Sigsync

  1. Login to Sigsync Dashboard.
  2. Select the 'Manage Signatures' < 'Set Signature Rules' tab.
  3. Set Signature Rules

  4. Create a new rule to add signatures to Microsoft Planner,
    1. Select the 'Assign signature' tab and click on the 'Create, Edit Signature Template' button to design the signature template from the Signature Generator.
    2. In the 'Senders and 'Recipients' tab, select the All option to attach signatures to all the Microsoft group members.
    3. In the Keywords tab, click on + Add Keywords button under the Add Signature - based on keywords section, to add phrases to match the email subject or body keywords. Enter the same phrase (in the above example, 'PlannerComment') used in the transport rule in the Exchange admin center.
    4. Now select the option Email subject and body from the Search in dropdown menu. In addition, select the option Remove this phrase from Email subject and body and then click on the Save button.
  5. Set the rule priority based on the requirement using the arrow button (   ) in the rule page.

    Select Sigsync signature rule

    Set signature rule priority

  6. Click on the Save Changes button to save the rule changes.

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