How to resolve the issue of email disclaimers being added to an email multiple times?

Using Sigsync, you add signatures to your email messages. Separately, a disclaimer is added to your email using an Exchange transport rule. So, any disclaimer text goes twice in the email with a Sigsync signature added somewhere between them all.


Sigsync processes messages in Office 365 and then passes them through the Exchange transport rule that adds the disclaimer again, which causes the issue.

Below are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Add the disclaimer text using Sigsync in your Email Signature and disable the Exchange transport rule.
  2. Update the Exchange transport rule that manages your disclaimer.

Follow the below steps to update the Exchange transport rule that manages your disclaimer:

  • Sign in to Microsoft 365 admin center and go to Admin centers -> Exchange.
  • Navigate to Mail flow in the left panel and then click Rules.
  • Select and edit the transport rule which is adding your disclaimer.

    Edit mail flow rules in EAC

  • Scroll down and click the More options link to show conditions and exceptions.
  • Under Except if… select A message header and matches these text patterns.

    Update an exception to an email disclaimer

  • Click Enter text and type the header name as: X-Sigsync-Processed.
  • Click Enter text patterns… and type as true and click the plus (+) button to add the text. Click OK.

    Appropriate exception configuration

  • After setting up the rule, click Save.

When a new transport rule is created/modified, it may take up to one hour for it to go into effect.

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