How to add a direct link to Microsoft Teams calls in your email signature?

You might want to include a link in your Office 365 email signature that directs recipients to call you directly using Microsoft Teams.


You can add the link to Microsoft Teams calls in your Email Signature using Sigsync Signature Generator.

Follow the steps below to add Microsoft Team link in your email signature using Sigsync Signature Generator.

  1. Login to Sigsync dashboard.
  2. Click on Manage Signature under Manage Tenants Signature.

    Select Manage Signature

  3. Click on the Signature Generator tab under Tenants page and then Create, Edit Templates.

    Select create edit template

  4. Drag and drop the Text component in the signature layout. Enter the link text for example, Meet me on Team and click the Save button.

    Enter text  to link  Microsoft Team call

  5. Click on the link text Meet me on Team, that opens the Manage Signature Template popup window and click on Hyperlink as highlighted below.

    Add hyperlink to Microsoft Team call

  6. Fill in all the required fields in the Add Link window and Save the link.

    Link to Microsoft Team call

  7. Save the template changes in the Signature Generator toolbar.

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