How to add a direct link to Microsoft Teams calls in your email signature?

You might want to include a link in your Office 365 email signature that directs recipients to call you directly using Microsoft Teams.


You can add the link to Microsoft Teams calls in your Email Signature using Sigsync Signature Generator.

Follow the steps below to add Microsoft Team link in your email signature.

  1. Log in to Sigsync dashboard.
  2. Select the 'Manage Signatures' < 'Signature Editor' tab.

    Select Signature Editor

  3. Drag and drop the Text component into the signature design area. Enter the link text for example, 'Meet me on Team' and click the 'Apply' button.

    Enter text  to link  Microsoft Team call

  4. Click on the text field, and select the 'Edit, Hyperlink' tab in the 'Edit Signature Fields' window. Select the text and click the 'Hyperlink' icon.

    Add hyperlink to Microsoft Team call

  5. Enter the Microsoft Teams meeting link and Click 'OK'.

    Link to Microsoft Team call

  6. Click the 'Apply' buttonSave the Template.


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