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Sigsync Email Signature is a web-based secured and centrally managed email signature solution.

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Steps to setup Office 365 email signatures

Easily setup Microsoft 365 server-side and client-side email signatures

Server Side Signature

Sigsync on server mode requires Office 365 Online connectors configuration. In server side mode, emails are routed through Sigsync Azure services to get signatures added.

Office 365 Email Signature Steps:

  • Step 1: Create Signature Template
  • Step 2: Set Signature Rules
  • Step 3: Setup Online Exchange Connectors
  • Step 4: Add SPF Record
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Server Side Signature

Client Side Signature

Sigsync on client mode adds signatures directly in Outlook when you compose an email. In client side mode, emails are not routed through Sigsync services to get signatures.

Steps to deploy Outlook Add-in for Email Signatures:

  • 1: Create Signature Template
  • 2: Set Signature Rules
  • 3: Deploy Sigsync add-in for Outlook
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Client Side Signature

Mixed mode Signature

Sigsync mixed mode is a combination of server side and client side signatures. It requires Office 365 Online connectors configuration and Sigsync Signature Add-in for Outlook.

Steps for Server side and Client side Email Signatures:

  • 1: Create Signature Template
  • 2: Set Signature Rules
  • 3: Setup Online Exchange Connectors
  • 4: Deploy Sigsync add-in for Outlook
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Mixed mode Signature

Benefits of using Sigsync Email Signature

Sigsync Email Signature is a web-based secured and centrally managed email signature solution.
It is designed to work without any desktop installations.

  • Centralized
  • Automatic
  • Generator
  • Templates

Highly Secure, Centralized, Company-wide Office 365 Email Signature

Sigsync is a secure cloud service and a perfect Office 365 email signature manager that lets you create and manage a company-wide email signature in one place.

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Automatic configuration

Automatically Configure Exchange online connectors / rules through Sigsync connectors configuration wizard to add signature to all your mails.

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Best Email Signature Generator

Sigsync Signature generator is a feature-rich WYSIWYG generator which can be handled by anyone without technical expertise. Create a customized, professional signature with disclaimers, banners, etc. using built-in components.

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Professional email signature templates

Signature generator provides 100's of professional email signature templates which will cover all your business needs. All the available templates are fully customizable. Configure your email signature effortlessly.

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  • centralize
  • automatic
  • generator
  • templates

Email Signature Templates

Signature Generator provides wide categories of templates for your email signature

  • Corporate
  • Company
  • Outlook
  • Personal
  • Mac
  • Iphone
  • Android
  • Creative
  • Disclaimer
  • corporate1

    Email Signature shows Professionalism

    Including an email signature not only provides the information about the organization but it also represents the company brand message professionally.

  • corporate2

    Increases brand awareness

    Email signatures create brand awareness of a specific organization among users and strengthen your relationship with your clients.

  • corporate3

    Include important links of your company

    Add important links in your email signature. It makes easy for your recipients to know more about your company.

  • corporate4

    Email Marketing

    Adding an email signature helps in email marketing as most digital marketers use email marketing to promote their brand.

  • corporate5

    Digital Business card

    Email signature works as a digital business card in the corporate world as it contains all details related to the company.

  • company1

    Creates company identity

    An email signature can be used to create your company identity in the corporate world with a consistent email signature.

  • company2


    Using an email signature consistently in every email of your company makes your business trustworthy among your clients.

  • company3

    Promote your brand

    Promote your brand in every email signature and increase brand awareness among recipients and leads.

  • company4


    Add upcoming events and product announcements in the banner section to let your recipients and leads know about the launch.

  • company5

    Keep your email signature simple

    Keep your email signature short and simple. It needs to have a simple design and look professional.

  • outlook1

    Social Media and Website links

    Add the essential social media and website links in the email signature. It makes your recipients contact you quickly and drives more traffic to the site.

  • outlook2

    Add relevant details in the signature

    Add only relevant information in the email signature and it should help your recipients know about your company.

  • outlook3


    Brand each and every message you send from your organization which helps your recipients to know who you are and where you stand in the market.

  • outlook4

    Email Signature Design

    Email signatures need to have simple design with an effective hierarchy including all the necessary information.

  • outlook5

    Include all basic details

    Email signature needs to have all the basic details such as Name, contact details, company name, logo, website URL etc.

  • personal1

    Include Profile photo

    Personalize your email signature by adding the profile photo to it which puts the face to email communication.

  • personal2

    Add Call-to-action

    Link your email signature with your website content using the Call-to-action button. Use appropriate text to the CTA button.

  • personal3

    Include contact details

    Include all the necessary contact details such as phone number, Email ID etc., make it easier for your recipients to contact you easily.

  • personal4


    Use analytics in the email signature to track the effectiveness of the online campaigns accurately. Improve your marketing strategies according to the result.

  • personal5

    OneClick Survey

    Add OneClick survey in the email signature to collect the customer satisfaction feedback and improve it according to the feedback.

  • mac1

    Don't use multiple call-to-actions

    Add a call-to-action button at the end of the email signature to prompt your user to take action. But don't fill the email signature with too many CTA's.

  • mac2

    Improve Marketing

    Digital marketers use email marketing to promote their brand by making an email signature action oriented and effective.

  • mac3


    Add a legal disclaimer in every mail. It may include confidentiality, copyrights, liability to certain information in the email.

  • mac4

    Be consistent with email signature

    Be consistent with email signature design and add only necessary details in the signature to showcase more about your brand to recipients.

  • mac5

    Responsive design

    Use a responsive email signature design which looks professional and effective across all devices.

  • iphone1

    Mobile compatible

    Created email signature needs to be responsive and compatible with all devices including mobile, tab etc.

  • iphone2

    Keep your email signature short and simple

    Keep your email signature short, simple and useful. If the email signature is longer, make it easier for your recipients.

  • iphone3

    Encourage your recipients to take action

    Encourage your recipients to take action by providing appropriate CTA's. Guide your users to take action which helps to generate more leads.

  • iphone4

    Track your links

    Track all your social media or other links. Design a strategy according to result to improve the performance.

  • iphone5

    Convert traffic into leads

    Include banners and call-to-action with appropriate details in the email signature. Improve your number of conversions by evaluating the campaign analytics result.

  • android1

    Add Marketing campaigns

    Add marketing campaigns in the email signature to track user activity and improve the performance according to the analysis.

  • android2

    Brand awareness

    Adding the promotional banners in the email signature improves the brand awareness among the clients / recipients.

  • android3

    Add website links and social media networking links

    Including all the necessary social media links and the company website link drives more traffic to the site as well as social media.

  • android4

    Consistent design

    Maintain consistency in designing email signatures as it reflects the genuineness of your organization and also looks professional.

  • android5

    Digital Business card

    Email signature works as a digital business card in the corporate world as it contains all details related to the company.

  • creative1

    Add company logo in the email signature

    Add the company logo and the name in the email signature to make it recognizable among the clients / users.

  • creative2

    Only include essential details

    Only add necessary and relevant information in email signature. Don't mess your email signature by including too many details. It should look simple and elegant.

  • creative3

    Fonts in the email signature

    Fonts in the email signature changes the complete look and feel of the email signature. Never use multiple fonts in the email signature.

  • creative4

    Email signature compatible across all email clients

    Verify email signature compatibility across all the email clients and all the platforms including mobile devices.

  • creative5

    Add promotional banners

    Inform your clients / recipients about your new product / events in the email signature by adding the promotional banners.

  • disclaimer1

    Disclaimer is important

    Adding the disclaimer in the email signature is very important as it adds legal protection to your emails.

  • disclaimer2

    Comply with your organization policy

    Added disclaimer in the email signature should adhere to the organization's rules and regulations.

  • disclaimer3

    Keep it short

    Disclaimer text needs to be short and visible and readable to the users. Place the disclaimer at the bottom of your email signature.

  • disclaimer4

    Add suitable disclaimer to the respective email

    Add suitable disclaimer to the respective emails. Some of the disclaimer types are confidentiality, liability, copyright etc.

  • disclaimer5

    Add only required things in the disclaimer

    Add only needed things in the disclaimer such as company name, address, and the other details which is a legal requirement for company email.

"Increase marketing, promote products with campaign using secured
Sigsync email signature service"

Improve marketing and campaign effectively

Sigsync allows adding campaigns and promote products in an email signature to increase brand awareness among users. It significantly helps in driving more traffic to the website, which in turn generates more leads.

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Customize email signature with special built-in components

Sigsync Signature Generator built-in components can be used to create
professional email signature with ease.

Always avoided sending an email from my iphone / ipad until I was on a desktop PC / Macbook due to not having a professional looking email which needs a HTML signature to send to my new / existing customers. Since I started using Sigsync Office 365 email signature, I no longer have this problem. Thanks guys.

Aaron DAustralia

I was looking for a centrally managed simple to use email signature service. I had tried many services but all are too costly for my requirement. Later contacted Sigsync, they designed my signature and completed all the configuration and setup on remote access for free-of-cost. Initially worried due to free service but I'm good and confident after using the service for last 6 months. It's a simple to use and hassle-free Office 365 email signature service!

Davis AUnited States

Very good Dashboard and the interface is just Amazing! Simple and featured Signature Editor makes my day.
All I can say is its an amazing email signature service for small and medium-sized businesses.

Jamael ThompsonNew York, United States

You won't find a better overall email signature service than the full-featured Sigsync, especially for the price (free-of-cost).

Mitchell DNetherland

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