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Sigsync signature add-in

A Microsoft approved service with ISO 27001:2103 certification
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How it works


  • Always avoided sending an email from my iphone / ipad until I was on a desktop PC / Macbook due to not having a professional looking email which needs a HTML signature to send to my new / existing customers. Since I started using Sigsync Office 365 email signature, I no longer have this problem. Thanks guys.
    - Aaron D

  • I was looking for a centrally managed simple to use email signature service. I had tried many services but all are too costly for my requirement. Later contacted Sigsync, they designed my signature and completed all the configuration and setup on remote access for free-of-cost. Initially worried due to free service but I'm good and confident after using the service for last 6 months. It's a simple to use and hassle-free Office 365 email signature service!
    - Davis A
    United States

  • Very good Dashboard and the interface is just Amazing! Simple and featured Signature Editor makes my day.
    All I can say is its an amazing email signature service for small and medium-sized businesses.
    - Jamael Thompson
    New York, United States

  • You won't find a better overall email signature service than the full-featured Sigsync, especially for the price (free-of-cost).
    - Mitchell D

Choose from variety of templates

One-stop email signature solution for signature campaigns or to everyone in your company. Applies signature, no matter
from which device you are sending including Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile etc.

Free Office 365 email signature

Centralized Dashboard

Create your own / company wide email signature and disclaimers effortlessly using centralized Dashboard.

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Easily Customize, Automatic

Advertise your services more effectively by customizing email signature with banners, social media links, brand logo.

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Highly Secure and Reliable

Sigsync is a secure cloud service and a perfect Office 365 email signature manager to add custom email signature.

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Reasons to go for email signature

Couple of reasons to use Sigsync to create and manage Office 365 email signature

Professional Office 365 email signature

Sigsync can setup professional and business email signature just with few clicks!

Perfect office 365 email signature

Your Office 365 email signature will appear directly under each reply / forwarded emails.

Email signature solutions for enterprise

Have your own choice of email signature using simple to setup signature rules that enables you to have dynamic signature templates.

Automatic Office 365 email signature

You can select variety of signature from the pool of templates and create a neat and beautifully aligned signature.

Html email signature across devices

Your Office 365 email signature will be in HTML format regardless of the devices from which you send emails either from mobile or Mac.

Best Office 365 email signature

Your signature contact list and its content will be intact as it is directly fetched from your AD.

Company wide Office 365 email signature

Everything is automatic, there is no need to set many Transport Rules for multiple departmental signatures.

Secure Office 365 email signature

Highly secured and it handles everything on fly to ensure no data will be left in physical storage.

Sigsync gives you peace of mind

Create signature for all the emails you need using one seamless cloud solution

  • Easy to configure and use

    Quick configuration:

    You can quickly configure your Office 365 email signature with Sigsync automatic wizard. Just give the authorize the process with your office 365 global admin credentials and run the wizard. No desktop application is required to configure your email signature.

    Options to select email signature with templates

    Configure your Email Signature and select the template required for your company. You will be churning out professional and consistent Office 365 Email Signatures for all your employees throughout your company.


    Highly secure Office 365 email signature

    Sigsync follows Microsoft guideline for email flow and uses secure cloud services for email processing and adding email signature and disclaimers for your emails. Sigsync is certified with Information Security Management Standards ISO 27001:2013. We use OAuth 2.0 secured authentication with TLS to create seamless registration and integration. Data related to signatures are stored with encryption for an additional protection. Credentials are not stored at any point of time as we use access tokens issued by Microsoft Office 365 API to setup the mail flow in Office 365 tenant.

  • Profile images and social media Icons in signatures

    Company Logos, Advertisement banners and social media icons in Office 365 Email signatures.

    To have a professional email signature with profile picture, company logo, banners images you can use this application. You can create elaborate layouts that include logos, product banners, social media icons, Office 365 user's photo and whatever else you can think of. Using Sigsync, you can create Professional email signature effortlessly for Office 365 email signature.


    Azure AD & Office 365 Profile photo support

    Sigsync can automatically configure email signatures and retrieve them with Azure AD properties on the fly for Office 365 email signature.

    Photos in Email signatures

    Give a personal feel to your email conversations by adding photo in Office 365 email signature. Using Sigsync you can automatically configure Office 365 profile photos to your email signature.

  • Tamper proof Consistent email signature

    Give specific individuals editing rights for your email signature and make them tamper proof for everybody else.

    Permission / rights are given to specific users, to add / edit the Office 365 Email signature, Advertisement, Disclaimers and to change the template designs.

    It is safe and secure tamper proof Email Signature. No one has access to change their Email signature.


    Compliance for Office 365 email signature

    Stay compliant with legal rules and regulations

    Every organization are sending tons of emails to customers and prospective clients. You need to make sure you are abiding by law. There are many legal rules and regulations concerning email advertising and marketing, spam, or data security that you should comply.

    Sigsync will make it simple and stay complaint with some of the legal requirements by allowing you to add appropriate disclaimers to your emails. Adding well crafted disclaimers for your Office 365 email signature might save you from compliance violations.

Steps to add Office 365 email signature

Steps to add centrally managed Office 365 email signature and disclaimers

  1. Step 1: Authenticate / Login using your Office 365 Global admin account more
  2. Step 2: Add SPF Record more
  3. Step 3: Automatically Configure Exchange (online) connectors / Rules more
  4. Step 4: Automatically load and manage users in Sigsync dashboard more

That's it! Now all the emails leaving your organization will have consistent, professional email signature.

Free Centralized Email Signature for Exchange

Why choose Sigsync?

Automatic Office 365 email signature configuration

Automatic signature Configuration

Centrally managed email signature and the email signature configuration process is completely automatic.

Best Office 365 email signature service

Best Office 365 email signature service

Highly secured, Fast, No user limitations, no desktop application and works on all devices!

Company wide email signature support

Dedicated Support

Support staff available by phone, chat, email. Documentation always available.

Know detailed advantages of Sigsync

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my signature from Sigsync into my email client?

Sigsync will help you to create signatures with various predefined email signature templates. The web-based centrally managed dashboard will help you to define signature rules and make the signature get attached based on the criteria automatically on fly.

I'm on mobile - how do I setup my signature for a seamless mobile experience?

To ensure the portability across the device, Sigsync is designed to work on all the devices. It is universal and centralized web-based email signature management service. Click here for the step by step email signature guide.

Does Sigsync offer an intuitive user experience?

Sigsync is automatic and centrally managed Office 365 email signature management service. It offers a variety of professional templates with a lot customization to personalize signature for each user according to your needs, making it a simple and straightforward.

How do I create email signature for all of my team members at one go?

Sigsync comes with web-based dashboard which can help you to configure your signature automatically and centrally manage your signature from one place for all your team members. Click here for centralized dashboard for your email signature management.

Does Sigsync support company wide email signature?

Sigsync is a perfect and professional email signature service with ease of use and centralized web-based dashboard for company wide email signature. It will help you to configure, load and create email signatures automatically and manage the email signatures from anywhere in the world.

Do I need to install desktop application to setup Office 365 email signature?

Sigsync is an universal centrally managed email signature management service. It doesn't need any desktop application to setup Office 365 email signatures. Sigsync is a platform agnostic email signature service and can be used on Windows, Mac, Mobile, Linux etc.

Can Sigsync helps in email signature campaign?

Sigsync is the best email signature service which allows you to add your company promotional products, services and events in email signature area. This will greatly help you in managing your email signature campaign effortlessly.

What level of security does the Sigsync offer?

Sigsync provides high level security. It follows ISO 27001 certification standards. Also, your Office 365 credentials are safeguarded by OAuth 2.0, Multi factor Authentication and TLS encryption during configurations / authentication. Click here to know more on security.

Does Sigsync allow email signature for company branding?

Sigsync allows email signature for company branding by including the organization logo, social media icons, Any other links and mobile apps links that gives brand acknowledgment to your organization.

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Want Free personalized service?

Sigsync email signature service offers company-wide and centralized email signature for Office 365 and Exchange.
We can assist you in getting your signature ready effortlessly.