How to fix Sigsync Exchange Online connectors configuration issues?

What are Exchange online connectors?

Connectors are a collection of instructions that customize the way your email flows to and from your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization.

To add email signatures and disclaimer to your Office 365 emails, create secured Exchange Online connectors to route the flow of your Office 365 email through secured Sigsync service.

Following are the most common reasons for Sigsync Exchange Online connectors configuration failure.



Connector Configuration failure due to improper permissions

Connector configuration may fail if you have not set the required permissions.

issues while configuring Sigsync Exchange online Connectors

Ensure that your account has the required permissions for the connector configuration and has Global admin access.

Connector configuration failure due to invalid credentials

Sigsync is unable to connect to your tenant with the credentials you entered for Connector configuration. Enter valid credentials where it prompts while signing in to Office 365. You must use ‘global admin credentials’ for Connector configuration.

Connector configuration failure due to connection issues

Connection issues due to API not reaching the Microsoft server may cause the connector configuration to fail. In such cases, wait for some time before attempting to configure the connectors again.

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