How to set-up a different email signature for mobile devices?

Although it can be difficult to determine whether an email was sent from a mobile device by checking its headers, you can set up different email signatures for mobile devices using Sigsync with the steps below. This allows you to easily differentiate between emails sent from mobile devices and ensure that the appropriate signature templates are applied for mobile screens.

Step 1: Set default signatures in mobile with specific keyword / text

The first step is to set a default email signature on your mobile email client. This signature will act as a unique identifier for emails sent from your mobile device. In Sigsync, you can use a keyword-based condition to accurately identify the text in your default email signature and determine whether an email has been sent from a mobile device or not.

Example: Let’s choose ‘This email is sent from mobile’ as a default mobile email signature

Note: In order to set up an email signature on your mobile device, it is important to follow these steps for each mobile email client. It is essential to ensure that the identifier phrase / keyword or email signature is entered correctly to ensure Sigsync software can identify the message / keyword accurately.

Steps to set-up the signature in your mobile device:

  1. Launch Outlook for Android on your mobile.
  2. Swipe the screen from the left to right to open the side menu and tap the ‘Settings’ icon.

    Swipe the screen from the left

  3. Go to the 'Email' section of your mobile device's settings and select the 'Signature option. To allow Sigsync to recognize that the email was sent from your mobile device, replace the existing signature with an identifier phrase, such as 'This email was sent from my mobile device'.

    Navigate to the Email section

  4. Tap the Apply (✔) button to save the changes.

    Tap the apply button

Step 2: Set signature rules in Sigsync based on your mobile default signature text

To automatically detect the identifier phrase added to your email by your mobile client and replace it with a mobile-specific Sigsync signature, you can set up signature rules in Sigsync using the steps below.

  1. Login to the Sigsync dashboard
  2. Navigate to the 'Manage Signatures' tab and click the 'Set Signature Rules' tab


  3. Keep the default rule or create a new rule by clicking ' + ' button

    create a new rule

  4. Give a name to the rule, Example: ‘Mobile-rule’ and click the ‘Save’ button

    Give a name to the rule

  5. Assign the required signature template to the rule

    Click here to know how to create signature templates

    Assign the required signature template

  6. Select the ‘Keywords’ tab and click the ‘Add Keyword’ button

    Select keyword

  7. Set the text of your mobile default signature as a keyword. For example, you could use the text 'This email is sent from my mobile device' as shown below:

    Set your mobile default signature

    By following the above steps, your email will automatically receive a mobile-specific signature if the text 'This email is sent from my mobile device' is detected.

    To remove this text from the body of your email before sending it to the recipient, select 'Email body' in Sigsync and check the box labeled 'Remove this phrase from Email body' as shown in the screenshot below:

    remove this text from your email body

  8. Save the rule changes

    Save the rule changes

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