Guide to set up Sigsync email azure service along with your existing (third-party) email signature service

You can configure and test Sigsync email signature along with the existing email signature service.

For instance: If you want to test Sigsync for the email id: '', please follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your Office 365 and navigate to 'Mail flow' > 'Rules' tab

    open Exchange mail flow rules

  2. Select the third party Exchange mail flow rule.

    Select the third party Exchange mail flow rule

  3. Add '' in the exception list. Follow the below screenshots.

    Add email address in exception list


    Add the email address

  4. Click 'OK' to Save the rules.

With this, you are excluding '' from adding signatures by third party signature service. Similarly, include this email address (Sender) in Sigsync Exchange mail flow rules.

Follow the below steps.

  1. Configure the Sigsync Email Signature.
  2. Login to your Office 365 and open Exchange mail flow rules.

    open Exchange mail flow rules

  3. Select the 'Sigsync Exchange mail flow rule'.

    Select the Sigsync Exchange mail flow rule

  4. Under the 'Apply this rule if…' click on the existing sender .

    Click on the existing sender

  5. Select '' and add to list.

    Select email and add to list

  6. Click 'OK' button.
  7. Set the Sigsync mail flow rule priority as '0' and check 'Stop processing more rules'.

    Stop processing more rules

  8. Click the 'Save' Button.

That is it! Now, only the emails from '' will have email signatures from Sigsync Email Azure service.


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