Subsequent email signatures in server-side, client-side and mixed-mode signatures

Sigsync provides an option to set up different signatures for the first email and subsequent emails. This article explains how Sigsync signatures are applied for the subsequent emails under different signature modes.

Click here for the steps to set different signatures for first email and subsequent emails

Subsequent signature on server-side signature mode

When you send a new, reply-to or forward email for the first time on the server-side signature mode, it will be considered as the first email and the default signature will be applied. For all other subsequent emails sent from the same email thread, the subsequent signature will be added to your email.

Subsequent signature on client-side signature mode (Sigsync Outlook Add-in)

On client-side signature mode (Sigsync Outlook Add-in), there is no way to find if your email reply chain already has a signature template attached to it. As a result, Sigsync will automatically add the subsequent email signature template to your first reply because it is considered as a subsequent email even though you are replying for the first time. If you want a different signature for the first reply, we recommend you to select the first signature manually by clicking the 'Add This Signature' button from the Sigsync Signatures Add-in pane as shown in the following screenshot. For the subsequent emails after the first reply or forward, the signatures get applied automatically.

Client side signature mode

Subsequent signature on mixed-mode

If you have configured Sigsync to use mixed-mode signatures (supports both server-side and client-side mode) and deployed Sigsync signatures Outlook Add-in. When you send an email from your Outlook with Add-in deployed, it will always use the client-side mode signature and the subsequent email signature will work as described in the client-side mode section. However, it will use server-side signature mode if you are sending email from the Outlook where you have not deployed the Sigsync signatures Outlook Add-in and the subsequent email signature will work as described in the server-side mode section

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