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Assign signature template to subsequent emails

Sigsync allows you to assign a different signature template to a rule for subsequent email conversations.This feature comes in handy, if you would like to attach a different signature template for forward and reply emails or subsequent conversations with your recipients. For example, you can create and send a detailed email signature including all the details such as banners, graphics, images in the first conversation. For subsequent mails or replies to the same recipient, you can create a simple signature template with only the essential details and assign it to the subsequent email condition.

  • Select the rule to which you want to assign a subsequent template.

    Select the rule

  • Use this signature in the first email and different in subsequent emails: By selecting this option, the first email is appended with the signature template that was originally assigned for the rule (template 1) and a different email signature template (template 2) for all subsequent email conversations.

    Assign different signature to subsequent emails

Next, select Senders for selected rule.

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