Insert Image

Insert Image

Adding an image in the email signature gives a professional impression. It is helpful in branding every email sent from the organization. Image can also be used to promote business by adding company logos, promotional banners etc. Different types of images can be added in email signature:

  • Profile Image: Personalize your email by adding a profile picture in the email signature.
  • Company Logo: Increase brand awareness by adding company logo. It also makes your email genuine and trustworthy.
  • Promotional banners: Inform your recipients / clients about the product launch, upcoming events etc. by adding these details in the banners
  • Social Media Icons: Adding social media icons to the email signature helps to have regular interaction with your clients and also increases traffic to the social media networks. Read More
Personal Fields

Personal Fields

Personal field component is a group of personal information and you can add multiple personal details to the signature at a time. Adding the personal fields in the email signature is important as it contains basic details such as Name, Company name, Email ID, Job title, Phone number etc. All these details might easily help your clients / recipients to contact you as required.

  • Full Name: Include First and Last name in email signature to inform your recipients about the sender.
  • Company name and Job title: Include your company name and job title in the company whom you are representing through email.
  • Contact Details: Include all the basic contact details such as Phone number, Email ID which helps your recipient to reach you easily. Read More
Address Field

Address Field

Address field component is a group of address details which can be added at a time. Multiple address fields can be added to the email signature and it contains the details such as Address, City, state, postal code, country etc.

  • Adding the physical address in the email signature is a good practice as it shows the recipient that the email is from a legitimate source.
  • In an email signature, a company's physical address is required as certain laws require it in email conversations. Read More
Azure AD and user photo support

AD Fields

AD fields contain a group of personal details and added AD fields in the email signature will be dynamically fetched from the sender's AD field. This is useful for adding multiple AD fields to the email signature.

  • Using Sigsync signature generator quickly adds the multiple AD fields to the email signature instead of hardcoding each and every details.
  • Active directory attributes which will be fetched automatically are Name, Position, department, company, Email address, profile photo etc. Read More
HTML Export

HTML Import

Signature generator has a unique built-in component which can be used to import the HTML code to the signature generator. Imported HTML signature can be modified as required.

  • If you have an already created template available, import it to the signature generator and use it as required.
  • If you want to customize the imported HTML signature, you can modify the signature according to the requirement using the available options in the Signature Generator. Read More


Analytics is helpful for improving the performance of the marketing campaigns. Sigsync service provides various email tracking parameters for analytics. Integrate the Sigsync service with the third-party services such as Matomo, Woopra, and Google Analytics etc. to verify the performance.

  • Evaluate the user activity to understand the effective marketing campaigns, links and web pages. Then, build the effective strategy according to the analysis.
  • Analytics is helpful in tracking user activities such as how many users visit, how long they stay, action they perform, pages they visit and the link they followed to visit the page etc. Read More
OneClick Survey

OneClick Survey

OneClick survey can be used for collecting user feedback via email automatically. Use different third-party services like Hively, CrewHu etc. to integrate the Sigsync with one of the third-party services.

  • Add the OneClick survey component to the email signature to instantly collect the user feedback. Increase performance according to the provided user feedback.
  • You can use several emojis or different buttons to collect user satisfaction with one click from email signature. Read More
100+ Professional Templates

100+ Professional Templates

Sigsync Signature Generator comes with various categories of email signature templates, users can select suitable templates and modify the template within a few clicks.

  • Signature generator provides more than 100's of professional templates. It contains various categories of templates such as corporate, company, Outlook, Personal, MAC, IPhone, android etc.
  • Select the suitable template from the various professional templates and modify as required. To use the modified signature in the one or more time, you can save the template to the saved templates list and use it as required. Read More

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