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A well-organized web analytics helps you to track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns accurately. To determine which banners, links and web pages are most effective, you need to track the recipients clicking the links in the email signature. These analysis helps in building strategies to improve the user’s experience.

Analytics evaluates the activity, conversion rate and user behavior on a website including how users visit, how many users visit , how long they stay, what action they perform, list of pages they visit to, whether they arrive the site via the links, social media etc.

How to add analytic links in Sigsync signature generator with various parameters?

Sigsync Email signature service has various email tracking parameters. Drag and drop the Analytics link tool to the Signature Generator which shows the list parameters to fill in.

Let’s understand how to add the Analytic link to the email signature in the signature generator:

  1. In Sigsync signature generator, click on the 'Choose Signature Templates' button to select a template from the 'Saved Template list' or select new template from the pre-existing template list.


  2. Drag and drop the 'Analytics Link' in the signature layout.


  3. Displays the set of various parameters to fill in while dropping the Analytic link block to the signature. Click on the 'Save' button to apply the changes.

    What is URL tagging?

    The process of appending the unique identifiers to your URL’s is called as URL tagging. Adding the URL tags helps to track the sources of traffic to your website using Google Analytics or other third-party services.

    Adding the URL tags helps to assess your marketing activities of your website. Let’s understand the URL parameters of third-party Analytics services which can be appended to final URL’s.

    • Campaign Name: This is the  name of the campaign or product promotion. Example: Winter_sale.
    • Campaign Source: This is the source of campaign that drives traffic to your website. Ex: Google, Newsletter etc.
    • Campaign Medium: It is the medium through which your website get traffic. Example : cpc, banner.
    • Campaign Content: It is used for A/B testing of ads. It differentiates between the various ads or links which points to the same URL.
    • Campaign Keyword or term: This parameter is used for paid search to specify the keyword for an ad.

    Let’s understand the set of parameters supported in Sigsync email signature service:

    • Link (URL address): It’s your website link which needs to be added to track the traffic coming from the emails.
    • Link Text: It’s a link text which is clickable.
    • Tooltip: The entered text will be displayed as a tooltip text when the mouse moves over it.
    • Campaign Source: It’s a source of the traffic such as Google, newsletter etc.
    • Campaign Medium: It’s a medium of the campaign which contains the general source of traffic.
    • Campaign Name: It specifies the name of Campaign.
    • Campaign Term: It’s a keyword which is used to differentiate between the various ads.
    • Campaign Content: It can contain the product name, product code or a slogan such as summer_sale.


  4. You can view the results of your campaigns in the respective third-party service account.

The following are the integration of the Sigsync Email Signature service to verify your email signature campaign's performance.

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  • Analytics with Google Analytics: Integrate Sigsync Email Signature service with Google analytics and track the performance of your email signature campaign  Know More

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