How to insert vCard in email signatures?

vCards in email signatures

A vCard is a digital card that contains contact information such as titles, phone numbers, and email address etc. You can greatly expand your client base by including the vCards (virtual business cards) in your email signature.

Why use VCards?

  1. vCards are a convenient way to add a contact to a variety of address books (desktop and mobile contact apps, email clients, etc.).
  2. They're compatible with almost every email client and mobile device.
  3. When a vCard is introduced in the form of a QR code, it usually blends in nicely with the signature design.

Insert vCard links in Email Signature using Sigsync

Sigsync supports adding vCards in the email signature in two ways.

  • Method 1: Link the hosted vCard in your Email signature to have individual vCards

    QR Code image

    Click here to know the steps to add a Vcard link in Email Signature using Sigsync

  • Method 2: Use the vCard details as a QR code in your Email Signature if you have static contact information

    QR Code image

    Click here to know the steps to use vCard details as QR code in Email Signature


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