How to insert multiple signatures in email?

If you have different signatures or separate templates for each part of the signature, you can insert them in email based on signature rules (conditions).

For an instance: Let there be separate signature templates for Mailbody, Banner and disclaimer. Follow the below steps to add these three signatures at a time in your email.

  1. Create separate signature rules and assign the templates

    Click here to create signature templates.

    Click here to create rule and assign templates

    After creating rule and assigning the templates, for first and second rule, under the the 'Rule Execution Flow', select the option 'Go to the next rule' under 'If this rule is applied' and 'If this rule is not applied'

    Go to the next rule

    Save the rule changes

    Go to the next rule

  2. Enable the option 'Add multiple signatures in a specific order' in Sigsync Settings
    1. Select the 'Manage Signatures' tab and click the 'Settings' tab from the Sigsync dashboard

      Navigate to settings

    2. Select the 'Add multiple signatures' tab and check the option 'Add multiple signatures in a specific order based on signature rules'

      Add multiple signatures

    3. Save the changes

      Save the changes

All the signatures get attached when you send an email

All the signatures get attached

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