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How to set signature template to rule?

Assign, Create, Edit Template

You can assign a Signature Template to a Rule by following below steps.

In Signature Rules, Select the rule to which you want to assign a template.


If you want to create new signature template, click on the Signature Generator button.


This will open 'Signature Generator' where you can choose from many range of templates that suits your needs and modify it or you can create a signature from blank template.

Signature Generator

In this section, you will see how to create a signature and assign it to a rule using full advantage of the Sigsync Email Signature Generator features.

Choose Signature Templates

Sigsync provides wide variety range of templates for Sigsync users. You can choose an existing template from 'Template Gallery' and modify it as you need or you can select 'Blank Layout' to start from scratch. You can pick from 'Saved templates' list and modify it if you have saved templates.


(   ) Import html code

This ' ' button lets you use html code if you already had existing html signature created and ready to use. You can customise your signature after importing html code. Click on the ' ' button and then press 'Ctrl+v' or right click and paste in the pop up window. Click on the 'Import' button.


(   ) Undo and (   ) Redo

The '  ' (first button in highlighted area in below screenshot) button is used to reverse a change you made recently, such as removing the wrong field in a section. Then if you reverted a change but want to have it back, you can use '  ' (second button in highlighted area in below screenshot) button.


(   ) Signature Preview

The Sigsync Email Signature Preview makes it easy for you to check its look and feel for any users of your tenant. You can search any user in the search bar to see how their signature will appear. This will help to make signature more accurate to your requirement.


(   ) Save

After you have completed all the changes, you can click on the (   ) Save button and enter a 'Template Name' in pop up window.


  • If you choose 'Do not assign this signature to any rule', then you can later find template in 'Saved templates' list to modify or set it to any other rules you have created.
  • If you choose 'Assign this signature to the rule', this template will be set for the rule you have selected in drop down menu.

Congratulations, you have completed the setup and according to your rules, any email that passes the rule will have the signature you have set now.

It’s time to add SPF record.

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