How to set 'Send as / Send on behalf' delegate rights in Microsoft (Office) 365?

Send as / Send on behalf delegate rights

Delegate rights are the permissions that allow one user to have full access to another user's mailbox, send messages as if they were the other user, and send messages on behalf of the other user.

These rights can be assigned to individual users or groups, making them delegates. This is a useful feature in situations where the principal is unavailable or needs assistance managing their mailbox.

Steps to set delegate rights in Office 365

  1. Login to Microsoft 365 (Office 365) admin center
  2. Navigate to 'Users' and 'Active users' on the left panel

    Navigate to Active users

  3. Select the user (Diego Siciliani) with whom you want 'Send as / on behalf' permission

    Select the user

  4. Choose the 'Mail' tab and click the 'Send as permissions' under 'Mailbox permissions'

    Click Send as permissions

  5. Click 'Add permissions'

    Click Add permissions

  6. Select the user (John P) to whom you want to set the permission to send emails as 'Diego Siciliani'

    Select the user

  7. Similarly you can set 'Send on behalf of' delegate permissions by clicking on 'Send on behalf of permissions' as mentioned in the step #4 and proceed with the next steps

You can refer this Microsoft article for more details on delegate rights

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