Centralized Dashboard

Having a centralized dashboard provides data integrity by maintaining all users in an organized way.

Only admin(s) can set the signatures to be added to users mails, this provides easy and efficient way to manage everyone's signatures in organization.

Signatures gets added depending on rules, hence no need to add in each and every device used to send mails or to change in multiple device when necessary.

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How to design an email signature?

Create your Sigsync account and then using our automatic configuration service, you can easily configure Office 365 tenant to forward mail to our server and attach signature to mail.

Choose the users who will need to have signatures and then create a rule that decides on which email needs signatures added.

You can decide to change font styles, profile photo, social media links and much more.

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How to setup Rules?

Rules are created in 'Rules and Templates' tab of dashboard which has multiple criteria that can be set as required. This decides whether signature needs to be added to incoming mail or not.

Enter a rule name and choose options as required. For example, you can make Rules whether to add signatures to within organization (internal) emails or to outside the organization (External) emails.

You can also add email signatures based on the subject or senders or keywords in body. You can add multiple signatures like add personal signature and company signature or add a signature and disclaimer etc.

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Manage Users

You can add users by selecting 'Add Users' button at top of 'Dashboard' tab. In screenshot shown, you can add single user or multiple users using csv file or Office 365 direct fetching user profiles to fill the signature data.

You can also edit users information after adding or you can delete one user at a time by clicking delete button at end of user's row or more than 1 users at same time by selecting appropriate users and clicking delete button at top for multiple delete.

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Select Templates

Create unified signature templates for group of users without having to login as each user to setup a signature for them.

Select the template to set the layout for Signature. Making signature for every user in a department would take lot of work, instead making all signature of one department users at once and only one time makes things easier and look uniform and professional.

Sigsync incorporates a heap of formats that make your email signature look great and fitting for a signature.

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Sigsync email signature service offers company-wide and centralized email signature
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