Insert signatures in different languages

In Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature service, there are three ways to handle multiple-language email signatures and automate the process of adding signatures. To make sure the right signature is always included based on multiple-language in every email sent out, Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature service provides three different options.

Method 1: Add signatures in different languages depending on email recipients

Using Sigsync Email Signature, you can create server-side signature rules based on email recipients. Depending on the recipient's email address or the domain to which you are sending your message, you can set the rules to add email signatures in a particular language.

  1. Under 'Signature Rules', navigate to the 'Recipients' tab where you can add email addresses under 'Add Signature - based on Recipients' section.

    Aadd email addresses

  2. Now, check the 'Email addresses or Domain' option as shown in the screenshot below and click the 'Edit' button.

    Click Email addresses or Domain

  3. Enter the email address or domain name so that signature will be appended to that recipient. Click on the 'Save' button to apply the changes.

    For instance: If you want to add email signatures to only Argentina recipients, enter the domain name as .ar (for example, .ar for Argentina, .sa for Saudi Arabia, .de for Germany) as shown in the screenshot. Here, either provide a domain name (for example, .ar) or specify their individual email addresses (for example,

    Enter the email address or domain name

Method 2: Add signatures in different languages based on keywords

In server-side mode, Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 automatically adds signatures depending on rules you provide in the 'Signature rules' section. However, you can set certain keywords or phrases in your email or in the email subject. Enter those keywords / phrases in the Rule settings and set the signature. This will add the particular signature to the mails based on the keyword you included in the mail.

Click here to know about Office 365 email signature based on Keywords

  1. Click the 'Add Keywords' button under 'Add signature - based on keywords' as shown.

    Click the Add Keywords

  2. Now, Add a phrase of your choice and set 'Search in' option

    For instance: Add a Spanish text (empresa de prueba) as a phrase.

    Add a phrase

  3. Save the rule changes
  4. Now, while composing email, include the above phrase in the email subject or body as per your rules settings.

Method 3: Select specific language signature while composing an email in Outlook or OWA

In client side mode (Sigsync Outlook Add-in), senders can select specific language signatures while composing an email in Outlook or OWA using Sigsync Outlook Addin.

Follow the below steps to add signature in specific language while composing email in Outlook or OWA:

  1. Create different language signatures as per your requirement(for example: English signature and Spanish Signature).
  2. Create Sigsync rules for the senders whom you need signatures and assign those signature templates accordingly.
  3. Deploy the Sigsync Outlook Addin in Outlook or OWA.
  4. In outlook, while composing email click on the 'Sigsync Addin for Outlook' option
  5. You can see the list of signatures in the Add-in pane on the right side. Pick the signature based on your language requirement and click the 'Add this signature' button.

    Pick the signature based on your language

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