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How to set Signature Rules?

Step 1: Login to Sigsync Dashboard and click on the 'Manage Tenants and Signatures' button.
Step 2: Under the tenant list, click on the 'Create, Edit, Manage Signatures' button for the respective tenant.
Step 3: Click on the ' Signature Rules' tab.

By default, there will be a rule called ‘DefaultRule’ which has all values set to default which makes it easy to start using Sigsync service right away. You can however make changes to this rule as necessary or you can click on the ' + ' icon to Add New Rule and make changes as required.

  1. Rule Operation

Rule Explanation

You can set rules based on specific senders, senders from a group, or apply the signature to all the senders. The rules can also be customized to filter the emails based on keywords or based on the recipients whether they are internal or external to the organization.

  1. Assign, Create, Edit Template
  2. Senders & Receivers
  3. Keywords
  4. Rule Execution Flow

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