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FAQs - Pricing / License

How does license work in Sigsync?
What is the difference between monthly and yearly subscription?
Which license plan is better? Monthly or Yearly subscription?
Does an alias email address consume a license?
How do you count license usage?
Do shared mailboxes consume licenses?
What if I have used more email accounts than the licenses I have purchased?
How does billing work?
When does my billing cycle start?
Is there a way to generate different invoices for each tenant I have?
How to renew my subscription?
How to cancel my subscription?
How to change my credit card attached to subscription?
Is my credit card details safe?
What is the procedure for changing my subscription when one exists already?
What happens if I run out of subscription, does my emails stop going?
When does trial subscription end and will I get charged automatically after trial?
What if my card has expired, will my emails stop going?
What happens if my subscription ends?
What to do if I want to pause my subscription for a brief time?
What should I do, if I want to buy another subscription when I have an active subscription?
Is it possible to limit my license usage for specific users instead of all users?
Is there any limit to trial license?
Is it possible to buy a subscription if I don't have a credit card?
Is there a limit on how many emails one can send through Sigsync Email Azure service?
Is it possible to buy more license after purchasing my subscription?
How to upgrade my license?
Is it possible to downgrade the license after purchasing my subscription?
How to downgrade my license?
How do I renew a canceled / expired subscription?
My Sigsync subscription payment has failed. How do I resolve it?
How to update the payment method or add a new credit / debit card in Sigsync?
How do I pay the pending invoice?

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